About 25 years ago a gay friend visited Fukuoka and we couldn’t find any gay, well, anything; no clubs, no events, no information, and no people. So I was really glad when I stumbled on the Kyushu Rainbow Pride event on Sunday, November 4th. I was also happy to discoverRead More →

So it’s not really a store ? or maybe the staff always tricks the customers ? or if you want to pull a prank on someone this is the place to get advice ? prank  also means “trick” like in “trick or treat !” prank = 悪ふざけRead More →

Some people lose their heads over weddings, and no more so than in Japan, where the average ceremony costs around $30,000 U.S., and involves about 75 guests (probably many more for the reception.)There are 4 main types of wedding ceremonies here. Listed in order of popularity they are: chapel weddingsRead More →

There are four blood types, A, B, O, and AB. If you don’t know what your blood type is, you’re probably not Japanese. Blood types are really popular here and people believe (at least some people) that your blood type determines your personality and who you are compatible with. ARead More →

When you come to Kyushu (especially Fukuoka, and soon we hope !) be sure to save a day or two for Nagasaki. It’s just about a two hour trip by special express train from Fukuoka, with plenty to see along the way. My favorite is the twenty minutes, or so,Read More →

Hakata is the name of the bay that probably brought people to this area ten thousand, or more, years ago. Hakata is the name of the dialect people in the region speak. Hakata is used for the name of the most famous crafts like Hakata weaving and Hakata dolls. HakataRead More →

Tsushima is an island city between Japan and Korea, but so close to Korea you don’t have to be Sarah Palin to see it. There are a few observation points where you can see Korea on a clear day. The island is still something like 80% forested, and largely oldRead More →