Traditional Culture

handmade washi making 11

Japanese paper “Washi” making in Akizuki, Fukuoka

I visited Akizuki in Fukuoka. Akizuki is a old castle town located in northern part

About Hakataori

The Obi Fabric 100% silk, heirloom quality and durability, handcrafted using techniques more than 700

Masuda paulownia wood boxes

Paulownia wood has been used for centuries in Asia. Because it’s a natural insect repellent

Fukuoka City

Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum

Japanese traditional crafts have a long history that has carried on for ages. Hakataori and Hakata dolls are the most famous of Fukuoka city’s traditional arts and crafts, but there are more. At Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum, located in the Hakata area, many traditional crafts from the area


I went to get rid of bad luck!

I went to a shrine for Yakubarai. Yakubarai is a ritual to get rid of bad luck. I go to Wakahachimangu shrine to get purified every year after I became freelancer. Wakahachimangu shrine is at Hakata and the shrine is famous for Yakubarai. People calls the shrine “Yakuhachiman” or “Yakuyokehachiman”.

Kyushu Rainbow Pride

Prank Store ???


A better way to rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms!

I will share what I learned from shiitake mushroom farm! How you rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms is a key to make them delicious. The steps are not difficult so I hope you will try this at home! Before going to the steps, lets make sure what we need. We only

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Japanese Himono (salted, dried fish)

Nearly every country with a coastline has dried fish, most often salted and dried. For most of our history as humans salting and drying were the only ways to keep food for very long. In Japan, dried, salted fish is called himono (干物 where the 干 means dry and the