I went to a shrine for Yakubarai. Yakubarai is a ritual to get rid of bad luck. I go to Wakahachimangu shrine to get purified every year after I became freelancer. Wakahachimangu shrine is at Hakata and the shrine is famous for Yakubarai. People calls the shrine “Yakuhachiman” or “Yakuyokehachiman”.Read More →

About 25 years ago a gay friend visited Fukuoka and we couldn’t find any gay, well, anything; no clubs, no events, no information, and no people. So I was really glad when I stumbled on the Kyushu Rainbow Pride event on Sunday, November 4th. I was also happy to discoverRead More →

So it’s not really a store ? or maybe the staff always tricks the customers ? or if you want to pull a prank on someone this is the place to get advice ? prank  also means “trick” like in “trick or treat !” prank = 悪ふざけRead More →