Ogosha’s big Japanese cedar in Yufuin, Oita


Hi. This is GOTOyan. I am painting Arbores with black ink.
I will hold an exhibition in Yufuin(Oita) in November, so I was looking for a big tree in Yufuin and found Ogosha’s big Japanese cedar.
The place is about 1km from Yufuin station.

I drove there but it was quite an adventure. The way to the place my car navigation gave me was really narrow road which was for pedestrians. I was almost stuck and I had to back up my car… Then I took another narrow road which leads to a shrine as well. While I was driving, I was glad I was driving a smaller car. There are two parking spaces but if you usually don’t drive, better to take a taxy or walk there. My friend told me that Ogosha’s big Japanese cedar is one of sightseeing spots and even sightseeing taxis that offer tours in Yufuin take there customers there.

Ogosha, Yufuin Komainu

When I got there, there were local people sweeping the place so I talked to them. They told me to go a street backside of the shrine pavilions to see a hole of the tree which I couldn’t see from where I was.

Ogosha Yufuin, Cedar

I walked around the shrine pavilions while enjoying bamboo groove on the right side. There were several big trees around the shrine pavilions like protecting.

The size of the hole of Ogosha’s big Japanese cedar are about three tatamis(4.85㎡). It was really big! (We can’t walk into the hole.) I couldn’t imagine such a big hole from where I stood in the beginning. I was fascinated by its great presence and quiet atmosphere.

Now I am thinking this cedar could be a motif in my next painting.:)

Ogosha’s Big Japanese cedar
Yufuincho Kawaminami 746-19
Yufuin City, Oita

got-tan-kaoru exhibition
「Ki no Kioku (memory of trees)」

Dates: Nov.16th – Dec.1st,2019
Open: 10:00~17:00(closed 16:00 on Dec.1st)
Opening event on Nov.16th
Place:Yufuin Bungaku no Mori
Yufuincho Kawakita 1354-26,
Yufuin City, Oita


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