Traditional Crafts

Japanese paper “Washi” making in Akizuki, Fukuoka

I visited Akizuki in Fukuoka. Akizuki is a old castle town located in northern part of Asakura city. The area still retain the appearance of Edo era, and have its cultural atmosphere.
Traditional Crafts

I went to get rid of bad luck!

I went to a shrine for Yakubarai. Yakubarai is a ritual to get rid of bad luck.I go to Wakahachimangu shrine to get purified every year after I became freelancer.

Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum

Japanese traditional crafts have a long history that has carried on for ages.Hakataori and Hakata dolls are the most famous of Fukuoka city's traditional arts and crafts, but there are more.
Traditional Crafts

About Hakataori

100% silk, heirloom quality and durability, handcrafted using techniques more than 700 years old. Produced only in Fukuoka, Japan by craftsmen based around Fukuoka’s Hakata Ward and known as Hakata-ori.

Why Japanese is so difficult

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Kyushu Rainbow Pride

About 25 years ago a gay friend visited Fukuoka and we couldn't find any gay, well, anything; no clubs, no events, no in...

Prank Store ???

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Japanese White Weddings

Some people lose their heads over weddings, and no more so than in Japan, where the average ceremony costs around $30,000 U.S.,

blood types

There are four blood types, A, B, O, and AB. If you don't know what your blood type is, you're probably not Japanese. ...

11 Historical places in Hakata, Fukuoka

There are many historical and cultural places in Hakata, Fukuoka. If you are visiting Fukuoka and love Japanese culture, you can not miss these places. We have listed for you the 11 places that you can walk to from Hakata station within 30 mins.